Why #CaptionsMatter

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One in six of us across the UK have some form of hearing loss. Many deaf and hard-of-hearing people rely on captions, so going to a film screening can be a difficult and isolating experience for them when access isn't available. That's why we've set up The Film Bunch.

At The Film Bunch, we showcase short films from upcoming filmmakers from around the world. Our mission is to improve access for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to mainstream short films, so we provide English captions and British Sign Language interpreters at our events.

Every month, we hold a short film screening and networking event in East London to bring film fans together. It’s a chance for people to indulge themselves in great films, in great company. We mix it up with Q&As, quizzes and themed events. Films span a variety of genres and must be under 20 minutes. 

We're campaigning for better access in the media industry. Filmmakers can benefit from adding subtitles to their films - it can increase their audience, including deaf/hard-of-hearing viewers and non-native English speakers. You can see our captions guide here.

Our events create an open and supportive space for everyone to connect and collaborate. We run our screenings in various locations across London. Have a space for us to hold an event? We'd love to hear from you! Outside of London and want us to bring The Film Bunch to you? Tell us! We can't guarantee it but it helps us to know if there is a demand anywhere else.

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