Comedy Short Films

1 March 2017


Even Children Know - Karina Orynyanska / Volodymyr

Even children know how to behave at the cinema.


The Bouquet - Julien Segard / Romain Carciofo

Stephane drives to a wedding of which he is the best man. He realises he forgot the bride's bouquet and grabs a funeral bouquet tied to a tree. But fate takes it out on him when his GPS loses signal. Unable to get his bearings, he will have to take with him the only person he meets on his way, and who can help him: Charlotte… who left her funeral bouquet on a tree.


The Missing Hand - Daniel Harding

An unlikely duo must decide what to do with a severed hand they find on a plot of land they intend to build on.


Pistachio Green - Paco Cavero

Christmas has arrived and little Tomás disturbs the peace of a neighbour by throwing all kinds of objects. The reprimands of his parents will lead to an unexpected visit... Maybe now his son is not the biggest problem…


My Stuffed Granny - Effie Pappa

Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?


The Machinator - Pablo Latorre

A love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes with her father, Arthur. Arthur opposes the relationship and tries to prevent it. John overcomes all obstacles to get to his love.


The Perfect Day - Ignacio Redondo

It's the most important day of David's life. He has a $10.000.000 deal with a Japanese Holding and it's all or nothing today. Everything seems to turn out perfectly well, until…