Animation Showcase

11 February 2017


Cinematheque - Liam Hall

A cinema owner is desperate to impress the local Film Critic and begins 'picking' people's brains for inspiration.


Marcus Crash - Roberto Benedetti

Marcus is a talented race driver willing to give everything to achieve success. However, his talent is overshadowed by his pride when he decides to ignore the advice of his crew chief, ending up in a tragic accident. Years later, Marcus must decide whether to face his deepest fears or lose what he loves most.


Sofaholic - Nicoláasa Petelski

A man, a sofa, and the world's greatest discovery.


The Leftovers - Josh Aldis

A motley crew of vegetables make a daring attempt to reach the safety of the fridge before decomposing altogether. Who will survive - and what will be left of them?


Omar - Safaa Alobaidy

In a refugee camp, a child expresses his dreams through drawings. He would like to live like the other kids of the world, play with toys, have a normal childhood. But his destiny has decided otherwise.


Customer Only - Martin Villert

An alien landing for a short stop on earth.


Once Upon a Line - Alicja Jasina

A man leads a monotonous, unfulfilling life until he meets the girl of his dreams who turns his world upside down. As things spiral out of control, the man discovers a new way of living.


Fox Tale - Doosun Shin

Mr. Fox makes fun of a poor hare’s diminutive tail. However, he ultimately finds out that what goes around, comes around.


Inhumation - Dan Hodgson

When a young woman’s father denies her the right to marry the man she loves in favour of a much richer man, she sinks into a deep catatonic state, resulting in her premature burial. The bride and her true love’s hearts still beat as one; but will this be enough to reclaim her from the grave?


Bingo - Patrick Schoenmaker

The seclusive retirement home Afterglow is a depressing end station. Fortunately, feisty elderly Gerda has one spark of joy: the weekly Bingo night. When she is one blank short of winning the game and the tiny ball suddenly disappears, she starts an absurd search in which she is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to get the outcome of that night's bingo game.


Finito - Mauricio Bartok & Gabriel D’Orazio

Time passes for all, and at every choice a renounce is made. A cute robot finds himself yearning for something more than the everyday grind of his life.


One Thousand and One Teardrops - Fateme Ahmadi

On her first day of school, little Louly is faced with a question: what should she wear? The ugly school uniform or whatever she wants? Luckily, she is visited by a magic teardrop-keeper who helps her make a choice by telling the story of how the women of her nation, Iran, have strived to answer this question for 200 years.