Short Films: Mix

7 September 2016


Welcome Home - Guillaume Desjardins & Jeremy Bernard

A young couple gets trapped in a cursed apartment.


The Odds - Gi Panakkal

The Odds discusses the importance of pursuing an opportunity or taking a risk. The plot is based on a real incident where an old man gambles on an extremely odd day of his life.


Little Olive Best Buds - Paul Scott

An adventure with friends.


Hear and Now - Brandon Kelley

Katie is an expecting first-time deaf mother. After her sonogram, she immediately heads to tell her big sister the news. While they chat, Katie reveals that she hopes the child is deaf, and Laura doesn't understand. The two argue about what is best for the child, as well as for Katie.


Machito - Arturo Campos

A man who achieves what his father never could, to raise his son as a Macho.


Anna - Andrea Andolina

After three years, Anna sends a totally unexpected text message to a guy who used to be her best friend. What is it that Anna will tell Matteo? Why does she want to see him? A love story that will have you hooked to the very end.


Go Out - Daro Umaigba

Life is short and we were not built to live in seclusion. We are at our best when we engage with the beautiful things life freely provides. Go out... Life awaits you.


Teeth - Wei Jiao

Surrealist short film. The director creates a connection between two worlds that are not connectable. Two characters intervene on the space and a voiceless dispute between them leads to a dramatic ending.


At the Border - Laurent Rouy

The year is 2022 and life has become unbearable in the wealthy West. Thousands of people from rich countries now want to immigrate to poor Serbia where people still feel joy, love life. Fearing for its stability, Serbia has closed its borders. Arnaud, a young French man, is in love with Jelena. The only problem is that she lives in Serbia, and he is not allowed to enter. In the middle of the craziness that reigns at the border, he will do everything he can to get across.