Halloween Special

16 October 2016


A Late Night Show - Rahul Varrier

A young man sits before the second-hand TV he bought on a weekend. But then he got to tune in to a special late night show.


Wolves - Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his plain crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than German enemies.

Monster Soup

Monster Soup - Rebekah Fieschi

A young girl has to suffer through her father's cooking after her mother's death and believes whoever eats the soup will become a monster.


Just a Random Life - Kristine Rande

Beate is waiting for her husband to come home when a stranger appears in her living room. It soon becomes a creepy situation where Beate is forced to explain her value in order to survive.


Team - Pete Tomkies

With her staff on a team building exercise a business owner in an empty office is under threat from the attentions of lecherous parcel delivery man. But just who is hunting who?


Vurlak - Adolfo Leyva

Vurlak is a vampire who is retired from classic horror movies. One day, he discovers an advertisement that calls monsters for a casting for a new horror film. Vurlak decides to go back to the world of spectacle and horror.


Hanging - Nick LeDonne

An abstracted animated documentary based off of Nick LeDonne's personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after a near attempted hanging in November 2014. His feelings of depression are personified through a dark luring fog and a loving mother desperately trying to keep her son alive.


Un Réflexe - Zulma Rouge

It is the story of a man whose routine and commonness of its life made embittered, expressionless and insensible. In the grip of a relation of couple with a woman he hates, he avoids the family home every day to go to his work where he repeats an endless gesture.