Short Films: Mix

29 June 2016


Gypsy - David Bonneville

Sebastian is a wealthy young man. He finds out he has a flat tyre and ends up accepting help from a Gypsy passer-by. In return Sebastian will have to give him a ride home… but they won’t reach their expected destination.


Counsellor - Venetia Taylor

This woman needs help. A very short comedy about regret.


The Thief - Kristine Rande

A sweet little story about two children as they experience grief and loss in different ways.


Kite - Eiraj Afkar

A young boy flies his kite on the roof when he notices a young girl being hanged in the neighbourhood. He rushes to the house to help her.


Bionic Girl - Stephanie Cabdevila

A scientist has created her own android clone to replace her in the outside world so that it can face it for her.


The Scent of Gentlemen - Alexander Lony

A romantic comedy about the clash of a beautiful lady and a noble gentleman.


Rupee Run - Tarun Lak

Two dirt poor street performers chase after a coin through the streets of India.


Shame and Glasses - Alessandro Riconda

Mirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. That is the only way to do his school test, but what would happen if the young girl he is secretly in love with could see him?


Despedidas (Goodbyes) - Ignacio F. Rodó

A boy and a girl have an emotional goodbye in front of the train station.


The Grandson - Jan van Gorkum

Leo, an old and slightly demented man, gets a surprise visit from his grandson Jacco. When Jacco suddenly reveals that Leo doesn’t actually have a grandson, the seemingly innocent visit changes into something very grim.