subtitle guide.png

When submitting your short film to us, we prefer SRT files.

If you’d like to add subtitles to your films but aren’t sure what you need to include, please read on.

  • Subtitles must be on screen for long enough to be read by a deaf or hard-of-hearing viewer who will also be trying to take in other visual information at the same time.

  • Sounds should be captioned especially if they are not obvious to the eye, e.g. [dance music] or [dog whimpers].

  • Subtitles must be clear and big enough to read. Using drop shadow, text stroke or box behind text can help.

  • Use a simple and clean font that is easy to read.

  • Don't use colours that are too hard on the eyes.

  • Check for any spelling/grammar errors.

  • If a character switches to another language but is not intended for the audience to understand, you must still caption this. For example: [speaks in Spanish].

There are many tutorials online on how to create subtitle files or how to add subtitles for various editing programs. If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.